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Drop downs are add-ons normally used with dab rigs. These add-ons permit dabbers to without difficulty convert rigs to joints of various sizes and genders, including a diploma of versatility to any collection.

Have you usually desired to position your 14mm honey bucket in your 10mm rig? You can with a drop down!

Drop downs are used for greater than simply adapting your piece; they characteristic to create distance between the new nail and the joint. This distance lessens warmth pressure generated via way of means of the extreme warmth of a blow torch. 

Heat pressure happens beyond regular time as warmth is transferred from the nail to the joint and might result in cracks or breaks at the joint. If the ruin is massive sufficient it could even render the joint useless. The worst component approximately warmth pressure is that it takes vicinity gradually, going left out till it’s too past due and the harm is done.

Drop downs also are outstanding gear for catching reclaim, preserving your rig drastically purifier. While reclaimers are specific add-ons, the form of drop downs lets in reclaim to clearly acquire at the lowest of the joint.

Feel unfastened to cast off your drop down and harness your reclaim with a dabber for later use, or vicinity the whole drop down in cleansing answer for smooth cleansing.

Drop downs permit the maximum comfortable people who smoke to preserve a purifier piece via way of means of catching extra oil that might have ended up withinside the water chamber.

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