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Dabber Tool

The right dabber for you relies upon your concentrates—because this tool’s activity is to cope with extracts to banger with minimum waste properly.

Particular types of dabbers work fine for specific sorts of concentrates primarily based on their consistency. For shatter, a pointed, picked or skinny-tipped dabber is nice equipped to break off portions and choose them up. If you’re dabbing on collapse or THCA crystals a scoop style dabber is your first-class wager to get all the powerful little morsels. And in case you’re into sauce, pass for a flat or shoveled device which can scoop up all that tasty stickiness.

Dabbers typically are available in 3 types: titanium, stainless steel, and glass. Whichever material you pick out, it’s equally important to constantly hold your dabber smooth by wiping it down with an alcohol wipe or burning off any residuals after each use. This protects your concentrates from getting mixed up with antique stuff that has doubtlessly picked up lint or fuzz between sessions.
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