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Nails & Bangers

Dab Nails, Dabbers, carb caps, and torches are the bare necessities you will need to get going together with your new piece. Nails are made out of quartz, titanium, or ceramic and can be found in an assortment of kinds and designs. Carb cabs aid in making sure you do not need your authorized oils and may vaporize at a low temperature, ensuring a more extraordinary taste and texture. Heat your dab nail with a torch, or buy an e-nail (electric nail) that will be set to carry a selected temperature. Along with dab nails, dabbers, and carb caps, we also supply silicone equipment and glass attachments equivalent to dropdowns and reclaimers.

Regarding the banger nails on this collection, you'll discover them in many various sizes. You'll be wanting to find out the dimensions of the banger nail by figuring out the measurements and gender of your water pipe's joint. You probably have a 14mm male joint in your piece; then, you will need a 14mm feminine banger nail. Banger nails are an incredible buy if you are bored with utilizing a dome and nail. You simply should torch the underside of the banger's trench, then place your concentrates within the trench. Apart from banger nails, frequently product of quartz glass, there are additionally ceramic and titanium nails. Ceramic nails warmth extra slowly but supply superb high quality of flavor. However, the titanium nail is the approach to go should you be going for durability. Ceramic and quartz nails are way more vulnerable to cracks over a protracted interval of use. But also are titanium nails very durable; they retain their warmth for a much longer time. That is on account of the mass and materials they're made out of. The one factor in maintaining and eyeing out for is oxidation. Dry off your titanium nail at any time when it is wet to forestall oxidation.

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