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Unbreakable. Dishwasher secure. Goes anywhere. 

Silicone bongs and silicone dab rigs bring the quality of all worlds collectively. Made from nearly unbreakable, easy material that could fold every which way and take prim heat, silicone bongs and dab rigs can be taken from the smallest room to the best mountain. Stash it away quickly with a rubber band!

Many people are actually selecting Silicone Bongs and Dab Rigs as water pipes for both plant life and concentrates, due to the fact because they're crafted from food grade silicone, are BPA-free, and offer many blessings over their glass bong counterparts:

Unbreakable - Silicone is an awful lot extra flexible, and sturdy than glass

Clean to smooth - warmth resistant, and as easy as sticking in a dishwasher or cleansing solution.

Bendy - Bendable and much greater comfort for traveling or at the cross adventures like tenting.

Environmentally friendly - BPA unfastened, medical Grade Silicone

Frequently asked Questions

Are silicone bongs secure?

Silicone bongs are flawlessly secure to smoke out of and are absolutely preferred with the aid of many because of their long lasting fabric. They are damage-resistant and can be without problems stored or folded without the danger of breaking, and are dishwasher safe.

How do you easy a silicone bong?

Silicone bongs can be wiped clean with an isopropyl alcohol soak or one in every of our bong cleaning products. Soak for more than one hours, or overnight, then scrub with a toothbrush or pipe cleanser. Silicone bongs also are dishwasher secure, or can be boiled as well. A lot less complicated to clean than their glass bong counterparts.

Are silicone bongs good?

Yes, silicone bongs are simply as accurate as conventional glass bongs. They're made from great, BPA loose, dishwasher secure silicone, and are highly resistant to heat. They may be greater long lasting than glass bongs, and won't destroy while dropped.

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