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Rick and Morty Portal Container, 6 oz, Multiverse, Stash Jar, Glass.

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  • PEACE AMONG WORLDS!: This container is perfect for showing off to your fellow Rick and Morty enthusiasts across the multiverse. With this portal pattern featuring multiple Rick and Mortys, you can store your favorite herbs and spice in this easy to hide container
  • EASY STORAGE: Like the multiverse that contains so many Ricks, this small container can hold many things! Look inside and you might just see that there is more to this product than appearance. Who knows where their next adventure will be, but you’ll always know where to find them in this jar.
  • PORTAL GUN MADNESS: Like the the portal gun Rick loves using, let this jar transport your spices and herbs for adventures to come! To clean, just gently hand wash, so that you can make multiple trips through the many portals created by Rick himself.
  • TRAVEL THE UNIVERSE: This quality jar holds up to 6 oz, perfect for mini storage while you travel accross all galaxies and alternate realities. Don’t forget to recharge your portal gun so that you can continue to teleport future storage for many years.
  • RICK APPROVED: Rick and Morty merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 6 oz container